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Title: "Toggle"
Release Date: October 31st 2000
Label: Shockwave Records
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1. Here I Go Again (Melick/Jackson)
2. Venture Place (Melick/Jackson)
3. Diamonds To Dust (Schurtz)
4. Can't Let Go (Melick)
5. The Stars Come Out To Play (Jackson)
6. Something For Nothing (Langer/Melick/Schurtz)
7. By My Side (Schurtz)
8. Fly Away (Melick/Schurtz)

Produced by Jason Melick and Toggle
Recorded and Mixed by Jason Melick
Mastered by Jason Melick
Recorded May - September 2000 at "Studio A" in Columbus, OH.
All instruments and vocals performed and arranged by Toggle
Cover Art by Jason Melick

In December, 2002, Toggle recorded a special Christmas song that is
only available here on the website. Click here for more info.